Amigurumi Crocheting In Progress

I thought it would be fun to do a video of me working on crocheting an Amigurumi cherry. This video is 10x the speed I would normally be able to crochet. It would be amazing if I could crochet this fast! I would be able to get a ton more done. What most people do not realize is even the simplest looking crocheted item takes a lot longer than you think. Example crocheting the cherries, I need to make two of them and then assemble, which can take about 45 minutes to do. Some crocheted items depending on how many pieces I need to crochet can take between 1-4 hours for each item. It is very enjoyable making each and every one of these adorable amigurumi items by hand. I love to see people’s reactions at shows when they see those cute faces smiling at them from my booth.

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