Winter Crafting Activity

With Winter Weather upon us and some extra time spent indoors, you may think what would be a fun activity to do? One of my favorites is to take the time during the Winter season to work on some crochet projects. What’s better than finding a fun new activity to learn and try. Many times, I will be listening to a podcast or have a Hallmark movie on in the background while working on a new and fun crochet project. It is always satisfying when you make and complete a project all your own. I always recommend starting with a more simple crochet pattern and then once you hone your skills you can work your way up to another more detailed project.

Some keys to be success at crochet is to learn the different basic crochet stitches and tension of the yarn when working on a project. This does takes some practice, but once you have those down then crocheting becomes much easier. But don’t fret if you don’t get it right away. The best way to learn anything is through practice. Even though I have been crocheting since 2008, I am constantly learning new tips, tricks and new crochet stitches. There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube to help learn the different stitches. Crocheting is fun and at the end you will have a project you made yourself.

How to get started? First you will need some tools such as crochet hooks, yarn and patterns. Check out my recommendations of some of my favorites on my FAQs page.

Remember to have fun and crochet away!

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