Custom Orders

Did you know that I offer custom orders? Looking for a unique gift for this upcoming holiday season? In addition to the delightful Amigurumi crochet items I offer, I love doing custom orders. This offers me the chance to try some new patterns which is always fun and exciting. As always my Amigurumi items in my shop are made to order and also can be customized. Love one of my items but need it for a small child or baby? Each item can be customized for your needs. Instead of using the plastic safety eyes, I would crochet the eyes and sew them on. Want a specific color or crocheted item, I can work with you on what you would like.

One fun custom order I did this year was for a small boy that loved dinosaurs. The customer that I was working with wanted to make sure that it would child-friendly. So instead of using the normal safety eyes, I crocheted the eyes and also left off my logo button which is featured on all my products. I sent her updates on the progress of the project and included a photo of the completed item. Needless to say she loved how it turned out.

How long does it take? What is the cost? Depending on the size and quantity of items to be made will determine the time it takes to make it. The more complicated the pattern, the longer it will take. Normally if it’s a simple custom item could take between 3-5 days. Or if it’s a larger item or multiple items possibly up to a week or more. If it’s during my busy season November-December (typically I am doing craft shows at this time) then the order might take slightly longer. It’s always good to place an order early on to make sure you will have it on time for the holidays. I base my cost off of: materials (yarn, if a pattern needs to be purchased, other materials needed to create item) and my time. Remember these are all handmade and do take some time to create. If you are interested in a custom order feel free to contact me. Then we can chat about your custom order and I can answer any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you and thank you for supporting my small business!

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