Madison Public Art Project: Wildflowers of Wisconsin Crochet Project

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the Madison Public Art Project which is featuring the Wildflowers of Wisconsin Crochet Project. This has given me the opportunity to teach some of the Community Crochet Day workshops in Madison and also to be able to create some of the crocheted wildflowers as well. This has been a fun opportunity for me to be a part of.

A little bit more about the Wildflowers of Wisconsin Project from their website:

The Wildflowers of Wisconsin is a fiber art installation coming in the Fall of 2024 comprised of oversized crocheted flora native to Wisconsin that will be on exhibition in McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg. The Madison Public Art Project (MPAP) commissioned Kiersten Darling as the lead fiber artist assisted by Sapphira Afifi. The MPAP is inviting the community into the art-making process to create individual flowers and leaves that will be incorporated into the larger artistic expression as part of the final composition.

​The Wildflowers of Wisconsin encourages individuals to rethink their own consumption habits and look at reducing, reusing, recycling, upcycling, foraging, composting, and encouraging pollinator friendly gardening spaces. This public art project raises awareness about climate change and encourages greater stewardship of the land. It is our hope that individuals who participate in this project will feel inspired to act after coming together to create this dynamic installation.

Check out their website for upcoming Community Crochet Day Workshops. The next workshop will be held in January 2024 in Madison, WI. Current pattern is the Blue Violet.

January Community Crochet Day!

Wednesday 1.24.24

 Sunset Yarn 

3742 Speedway Rd.  Madison, WI 53705

5:00- 6:30 PM 

Sign Up Here for Eventbrite tickets! 

Can’t attend the workshop this month? No problem. You can still participate… just follow this easy template to make the flower and return it at the next workshop, or you can mail your flowers in to us.  Get the Pattern for Free here!

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