Craft Room Remodel

My craft room has moved to a larger space in my house. Originally one of our bedrooms upstairs was being utilized for my craft room which worked out well at the time. Now that room has been converted back to a much needed bedroom. Thankfully we had another unfinished space in our basement area that would work out to be a great location for my new office/ craft room. But first it needed quite a bit of work.

Originally this downstairs room was storage and our workout room. My husband and I spend quite a bit of time cleaning it out and downsizing some of the items we had as well. This was a perfect opportunity to go through my craft supplies and craft show supplies to weed out items that I no longer needed or used. You never realize how much stuff you collect over the years and it felt good to get rid of some things. I had to pack away my yarn and had to get creative to where to store it in the meantime. It was all over the house in any available storage area.

The room originally only had two lights and more lighting was going to be needed for this space. My husband’s friend graciously helped out in installing some can lights and a ceiling fan. The room also needed some additional insulation as well, which his friend helped install.

Next came the drywall and thankfully my husband’s friend had a great recommendation. Drywall was one item my husband didn’t want to try to install and thought best to hire professionals to do so. Wow these guys did a fantastic job and they were efficient at getting it done. In addition to having this company install the drywall we had decided to have them paint as well, which would save us a lot of time and headache trying to do it ourselves.

I couldn’t believe how fast they painted this room. It only took them a couple of hours. If we had done it ourselves it probably would have been a day or two of painting and wouldn’t have looked as nice.

My husband’s friend came back and helped him install the flooring and the trim. This room turned out amazing! I am so grateful that my husband and his friend were able to help out with a good chunk of this project. We also had a great company that came in to do the drywall and painting.

We had found the perfect day to get my items moved into my new space. It was when we had that bad snow storm in January 2024. This gave us the opportunity to get everything in the space I am still working on getting a few item put away or to try to find them a good home in this space. I was surprised at the amount of yarn that I had, but now it is all organized in my yarn wall storage unit. Color coordinated of course. Later on I had my husband hang some artwork etc. on the walls to make it feel more homey. This is such a great space to be able to come down to and create.

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